Welcome to the Plateau Mont-Royal, a neighbourhood where the beautiful Mont-Royal Park merges with the vitality of its terraces, cafés, and restaurants.

A dynamic neighbourhood

The Plateau Mont-Royal is a decidedly youthful and forever lively neighbourhood, with a unique, inviting, and popular atmosphere.

A balance between city and nature

Bordered by the Mont-Royal Park, the plateau appeals to residents for the greenery that it offers within the heart of the city and for its proximity to shops!

A neighbourhood with plenty of cultural activities

Theatre, concerts, and exhibitions for all ages: the Plateau Mont-Royal captivates people both young and old with the diversity of the cultural activities that take place throughout the year.

Single Houses Condominiums
2016 $ 712,750.00 $ 335,000.00
Parc Lafontaine L'avenue Mont-Royal
Quartier Mile-End La vie nocturne de St-Laurent
Superficy 8.1 km2
Number of inhabitants 100390 inhabitants
Density (inhabitants/km2) 12346 inhab./km2
The largest age group Less than 14 years: 10%
15 to 24 years: 14%
25 to 34 years: 44%
50 to 64 years: 22%
More than 65 years: 9%
% of households 1-person: 53%
2-person: 30%
3-person: 10%
4-person: 6%
5-person or more: 1%
Spoken languages French: 67%
Others: 10%