Welcome to Rosemont, a colourful neighbourhood full of flavour, with numerous green spaces offering relaxing yet urban living conditions.

Take a stroll through the neighbourhood

Visit the Jean-Talon Market; enjoy a picnic at Jarry Park; take a stroll past the traditional shops of Little Italy: Rosemont is a must-see neighbourhood

A neighbourhood for the entire family

With families, students, and tourists in the area, diversity is celebrated! You will be captivated by the ambiance and charm of this unique neighbourhood.

Close to shops

Whatever your needs may be, you’re in the right place! The streets of Saint-Hubert, Baubien, and Saint-Laurent have an abundance of boutiques and nearby shops.

Single Houses Condominiums
2016 $ 422,500.00 $ 282,500.00
Parc Luc-Durand Promenade Masson
Marché Jean-Talon Marc-Favreau library
The Little Italy