Welcome to the Town of Mont-Royal, a youthful, dynamic, and bilingual neighbourhood that makes a great place to live whether you’re single or have a family!

A balance between city and nature

Are you looking for a neighbourhood that has all of the advantages of downtown and yet still offers an attractive living environment surrounded by plenty of green spaces? You’re in the right place; this “garden city” will fulfill all of your expectations.

A decidedly youthful neighbourhood

In the town of Mont-Royal, the presence of youth gives this neighbourhood its vibrant atmosphere. Culture occupies an important place in this area.

A sense of community

A very strong sense of community enables new residents to rapidly integrate themselves into neighbourhood life and take advantage of all it has to offer!

Single Houses Condominiums
2016 $ 985,000.00 $ 342,000.00
Bibliothèque Reginald-J.-P.-Dawson Plan communautaire de développement durable
Foire multiculturelle Centre Rockland
Superficy 7.46 km2
Number of inhabitants 19503 inhabitants
Density (inhabitants/km2) 2545 inhab./km2
The largest age group Less than 14 years: 20%
15 to 24 years: 13%
25 to 34 years: 21%
50 to 64 years: 27%
More than 65 years: 18%
% of households 1-person: 24%
2-person: 29%
3-person: 15%
4-person: 30%
5-person or more: 3%
Spoken languages French: 50%
Others: 17%