Welcome to Villeray, a popular neighbourhood with unrivaled cultural vibrancy. Villeray will charm you with its green spaces and the diversity of its residents.

A multicultural neighbourhood

With its cultural diversity, open-mindedness, and communication, Villeray feels like another world! In Villeray, daily life is friendly, easygoing, and enjoyable.

Be close to it all

Whether you wish to go to the Jean-Talon Market, Jarry Park, or downtown Montreal, you’ll enjoy a prime location while taking advantage of an attractive living environment.

Whether you’re single or have a family

Villeray is for single people, students, and families: everyone is welcome here!

Single Houses Condominiums
2016 $ 330,750.00 $ 229,000.00
Parc Jarry Parc Villeray
Superficy 16.5 km2
Number of inhabitants 131483 inhabitants
Density (inhabitants/km2) 8624 inhab./km2
The largest age group Less than 14 years: 17%
15 to 24 years: 12%
25 to 34 years: 34%
50 to 64 years: 24%
More than 65 years: 13%
% of households 1-person: 39%
2-person: 29%
3-person: 14%
4-person: 15%
5-person or more: 2%
Spoken languages French: 54%
English: 9%
Others: 37%